Return Policy

  • If your product is damaged, defective, incorrect or incomplete at the time of delivery, please file a Return & Refund request with all the details & images of the product on the page of Return & Refund within 7 days of the delivery date.

  • Change of mind will not accept at any cost.

Valid reasons to return an item

  • Delivered Product is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) / defective (dead on arrival)

  • Delivered Product is incorrect (presentation different on website) / incomplete (missing parts)

  • Delivered Product’s size does not fit-eligible for selected products only

Issuance of Refunds

We will issue a partial or full refund to you once we received the product which you posted in return to us.

Payment MethodRefund OptionRefund Time
Debit/ Credit CardDebit/ Credit Card10 Working Days
PayPal AccountPayPal Account5 Working Days