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Leather Weight Lifting Gym Belts, Back Supports 

Back belts, or lumbar help belts, are by and large lightweight belts worn around the lower back to offer help to the lumbar. Mechanical back belts have a tendency to be like weight lifting belts or uncommon belts utilized as a part of restorative recovery treatment. Back belts are prevalent among laborers over various businesses—aircraft things handlers, warehouseworkers, basic need representatives, and so forth.— particularly to counteract lifting wounds.

The hypothesis basic the utilization of back belts is that the belts decrease powers on the spine, harden the spine, or increment intra-stomach weight. Research still can’t seem to show the adequacy of back belts in forestalling ergonomic wounds. Now and again, specialists open themselves to more serious danger of damage, trusting that the back belt is giving additional help and insurance

 At the point when Comfort Meets Performance!

The new Aztec 6″ weight lifting belt has been painstakingly intended to augment comfort, execution, solidness and wellbeing. The 4″ cushioned formed outline gives the best help and solace a weight lifting belt can offer. It fits in with your body balancing out lumbar help enabling you to lift more weight easily. Add to this our twofold sewing development and you get a strong, solid lifting belt.

Who can profit by utilizing a weight lifting belt?

Regardless of whether you’re a consistent learner, a propelled lifter or an amateur, securing your back while preparing with weights ought to be a need. Not exclusively will you hold your back safe, you will likewise expand your dependability and execution while lifting weights. Expanding weight to your center through our lifting belt will influence you to feel more secure and increment your center dependability giving you considerably more certainty taking care of substantial weights.

 Fundamental Features:

6″ Wide Contoured Design: Provides Maximum Protection, Stability, Durability and Comfort.

– Full Suede Leather Board with Extra Padded Section: Provides the Support and Comfort You Want While Lifting Heavy Weights.

– Double Roller Prong System from Zinc Plated Steel: Fast and Easy Adjustment giving Extreme Support

 We Have The Perfect Training Belt For Any Type Of Workout!

Much the same as the entirety of our different items, we endeavor to give you the best quality items available at a reasonable cost.

Weight Lifting Belt “6” Wide OR ‘4inch’

Made Of Split Leather

Utilized By Pro Bodybuilder, Fitness Instructors

Shading: Tan

Froth Padding Back Support

Unconditional promise

Quick Delivery

 Worked TO LAST:

Our Weight Lifting Belt includes a 6 inch formed plan, cushioned softened cowhide bolster. It is done with top quality, fine softened cowhide giving non-slip surface.


Highlighting a cowhide full board backing with an additional cushioned segment and softened cowhide lining makes this belt the most agreeable weight lifting belt available. Execution and solace taking care of business!

Most elevated QUALITY:

The twofold roller clasp prongs are exactness made, custom zinc plated steel and are unmatched in quality and toughness, and looks incredible. We even included twofold sewing everywhere throughout the belt for additional solidness.


With a tallness of 6″ over its length, this belt guarantees your back, abs and whole center are equally settled for additional power and quality


Aztec Sports Weight lifting belt Weightlifting belt for really good support! Regular size with a 2,5 inch (10cm) back support. Unlike many other belts on the market, this belt is made of 100% genuine leather, padded back part and soft suede inside lining

Weightlifting belt for really good support! Regular size with a 2,5 inch (10cm) back support. Unlike many other belts on the market, this belt is made of 100% genuine leather, padded back part and soft suede inside lining

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