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Aztec athletic supporter (otherwise called a muscle head, lash, supporter, or jockstrap) is an underwear for supporting the male genitaliaduring cycling, contact sports or different overwhelming physical movement. An athletic supporter comprises of a belt (typically flexible) with a help pocket for the genitalia and two versatile lashes attached to the base of the pocket and to one side and right sides of the belt at the hip. The pocket, in a few assortments, might be fitted with a pocket to hold a stomach watch (affect safe container, box) to shield the testicles from damage


The Aztec items include the biggest pocket accessible from Aztec. The Aztec gives a normally molded, anatomical pocket with most extreme size, greatest space and greatest solace. For those clients who beforehand delighted in the Modal Range anatomical pocket – Aztec Jockstrap is for you.

Basic features for Aztec Jockstrap incorporate a front pocket associated with two leg lashes that wrap around to a belt. The Aztec Jockstraps highlight a 2-to 3-inch belt that enables it to be worn under football cushions or other athletic hardware. The leg lashes are for the most part around 1-inch in width to offer help with abrading the highest point of the thighs. Likewise, consistent texture development lessens “hotspots” that can likewise give scraping


This regular position takes out:


·         need for straightening out

·         reduces warm develop in balls, which has been connected to ripeness issues

·         squashed feeling


Low body:

·         20mm wide back athletic supporters

·         Cut low so they sit on the hip bones

·         Waistband doesnt list down at the back

·         Doesnt uncover what shouldn’t be seen


Body Shape:


·         Cut for a slimmer body shape while as yet keeping up our unbelievable solace

·         Ultimate in sports style

Stomach Guard

A stomach watch (likewise called “pressure container”, “box”, or “L Guard”) is a hard generally plastic glass that is embedded in an Aztec athletic supporter to secure male genitalia. A few athletic supporters have a lined front pocket for this reason. The stomach monitor is generally developed from high thickness plastic with a cushioned edge, molded like an empty half-pear, and embedded into the athletic supporter or athletic supporter style clothing of the batsmen and wicket-attendant. This is utilized to shield the privates against affect from the ball. Mugs offer assurance for contact sports.It is made of hard plastic or steel and punctured for ventilation.


It is available in white and black.


It is available in small, medium , large and Extra-large.


Our Aztec Jockstrap is a return to Aztec’s unique logo, outline and item styles – melded with the greater part of Aztec’s most recent piece of clothing plan upgrades.

Aztec is the latest pocket discharge. It gives a normally molded, anatomical pocket with most extreme size, greatest space and greatest solace. For those clients who already delighted in the Modal Range anatomical pocket – Aztec is for you.

Additional information


Black, White


Large, Medium, small, X Large, XX Large


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