Aztec Groin Guard


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Aztec Groin Guard

A Groin Protection (otherwise called a muscle head, lash, supporter, or jockstrap) is underwear for supporting the male genitalia during cycling, contact sports or different energetic physical action. A Groin Protection comprises of a belt (normally versatile) with a help pocket for the genitalia and two flexible ties appended to the base of the pocket and to one side and right sides of the belt at the hip. The pocket, in a few assortments, might be fitted with a pocket to hold a stomach watch (affect safe glass, box) to shield the balls and the penis from damage. A thorough scope of male crotch insurance items. These include:
  • A groin protector cup for both youth and adult men
  • A range of groin protector briefs for all sizes
A range of groin protector shorts for all size


  • High impact resistant poly protector
  • Border bound with foam casing stuffed with fluffed cotton
  • Slip-in
  • Fits into jock straps and briefs
  • Shaped to give optimum groin protection


Cups offer protection for contact sports. They are normally produced by ABS plastic and punctured for ventilation. An additional adaptable Furthermore agreeable delicate container may be likewise advertised for low-contact sports for example, soccer. An flex container variety offers a tricky outside container for a delicate glasses lining.

Stomach Guard

An Aztec Stomach Guard (likewise known as “pressure container”, “box”, or “L Guard”) may be An diligent by and large plastic glass that is installed Previously, an Aztec jockstrap to secure male genitalia. A couple physical supporters have An lined front pocket to this motivation behind. Those stomach screen may be for the most part produced from ABS plastic with a padded edge, formed similar to a void half-pear, What’s more inserted under the jockstrap alternately jockstrap style clothes of the batsmen Furthermore wicket-attendant. This will be used on shield those privates against influence starting with those ball. Mugs offer certification to contact sports. It may be aggravated of tricky plastic alternately steel Also punctured to ventilation.


Our Aztec Groin Protection is a return to Aztec’s unique logo, outline and item styles – melded with the greater part of Aztec’s most recent piece of clothing plan upgrades. Aztec is the latest pocket discharge. It gives a normally molded, anatomical pocket with most extreme size, greatest space and greatest solace. For those clients who already delighted in the Modal Range anatomical pocket – Aztec is for you.


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