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Aztec Duffle Cricket Kit Bag – Proficient

Because of the measure of equipment cricketers have convey to and from cricket matches, the devoted cricket kit bag has turned into an unavoidable need. Having a devoted cricket kit bag would be extraordinary to keep all the vital things. Cricket kit bags are similarly as vital as some other cricket equipment. It really descends to your very own requirements with regards to picking a kit bag. Since you will convey your equipment in it, having such a bag, to the point that has a quality form will fill in as a perfect decision. Aztec Cricket kit bag is a lightweight high quality bag that fulfill all your needs and provides you exceptional experience.


Aztec Cricket kit bag is 94cm x 34cm x 98cm approx. in dimension. It is a colorful bag and it is made from high-quality material Denier 1680. The bag itself is quite light weight but allows you to carry all your all necessary equipment’s in it easily.

Carry straps

Aztec duffle kit bag comes with foam padded adjustable carry straps so you can carry the kit bag easily. Since you should lift the bag off the ground, having carry straps would be a gift. The carry straps are adjustable and of high quality ensuring you comfort.

Compartments and pockets

All cricket bags come with internal and external compartments that are designed to organize your cricket equipment. After all, a player needs compartments to place his belongings. This cricket kit bag comes with multiple pockets to carry your personal accessories easily. It also comes with external bat pocket to carry your bat too.


The base of the cricket kit bag needs to be waterproof. Whenever you are buying a cricket bag, you have to be extra careful when it comes to the base. It should be stiff and durable. Aztec Cricket kit bag has a durable base so you don’t have to worry about base sagging. It can take the daily wear and tear.


Aztec Cricket kit bag is made of nylon. This material makes the bag durable and waterproof. If you are looking for high level of durability, you can count on Aztec Cricket kit bag. The nylon fabric is combined with a thin layer of PVC to fill the gaps between the fibers. That’s why the bag is extra sturdy.

Adult sized

Aztec duffle cricket kit bags is a full adult size bag with multiple pockets that allows you to t carry all necessary cricket equipment’s in it easily .


At whatever point it comes to choosing a cricket kit bag, purchasers simply consider how much unit they will convey with them and after that pick the pack. When you are purchasing a cricket bag, you are really acquiring a conveying space. Keep in mind a certain something, you will discover bunches of cricket packs all intended for various purposes. The duffle style kit bags are implied for coaches as they need to convey training equipment with them. Little cricket packs are implied for conveying nets. Aztec Cricket duffle kit bag, then again, has been intended to give you a chance to convey all your basic cricket gears effortlessly.


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