Aztec Cricket Stumps pack of 6 wickets


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Aztec Cricket Stumps Pack 6 Wickets

The stumps are three vertical posts which bolster two bails. The stumps and safeguards are normally made of wood, most commonly ash, and together frame a wicket at each finish of the pitch.

The general width of every wicket is 9 inches (22.9 cm). Each stump is 28 inches (71.1 cm) tall with greatest and least measurements of 1​1⁄2 inches (3.81 cm) and 1​3⁄8 inches (3.49 cm). They have a spike toward one side for embeddings into the ground, and the opposite end has a U-shaped ‘through groove’ to give a resting spot to the bails. In junior cricket the things have lesser measurements.

Each stump is alluded to by a particular name:

  • Off stump is the stump on the off side of the wicket (an indistinguishable side from the batsman’s bat).
  • Middle stump is the inside stump, the center of the three stumps.
  • Leg stump is the stump on the on side of the wicket (an indistinguishable side from the batsman’s legs).


These names are with respect to the batsman, so a right-gave batsman’s leg stump turns into the off stump when a left-gave player is batting.

Aztec brings you Cricket Stumps. Aztec Cricket Stumps are an all wooden stump that are durable and suitable for use on turf pitches . If you always wanted such stumps that don’t move even if the cricket ball is struck, then these Cricket Stumps are meant for.

Let’s have a thorough look at the features of these Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps:


Aztec Cricket Stumps are made from extra strong wood to withstand all the jolts as the ball hits the wicket again and again. The wood used for their construction is ash wood. Since these stumps are durable, they will make you a fielding genius.



Our cricket stumps all feature wooden or alloy full sized senior uprights suitable for full weight 3.3 kg cricket balls

Bails included

Aztec Cricket Stumps set also comes with bails. They are resting on top of the stumps. They are used for ensuring whether the ball really bumped into the cricket stumps or not.


Aztec wooden cricket match grade stumps. Traditional full sized classic wooden club or schools match stumps with 4 top bails and 6 stump legs per set. Aztec storage / carry bag included.


Aztec Cricket Stumps make great outdoor cricket stumps and they are perfect for training.The high-quality wood make them a perfect training tool. You will enjoy every bit of your training with these outdoor cricket stumps as your focus would be on the game.


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