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Aztec Cricket Bags Junior Proficient

Cricketers need to convey a lot of gear when they are making a trip to play a cricket coordinate. Having a devoted cricket sack would be extraordinary to keep all the fundamental things. Cricket pack sacks are similarly as critical as some other cricket gear. It really depends on your very own prerequisites with regards to picking a unit pack. Since you will carry your hardware in it, having such a pack, to the point that has a quality form will fill in as a flawless decision. Aztec Cricket pack sack is one of those impeccable decisions.


Aztec Cricket kit bag is 34cm x 34cm x 76cm in dimension. It is a colorful bag and it is made from highest-quality Cordura Fabric. The bag itself is quite light weight. But it is sturdy enough to carry your cricket equipment.

Carry straps

Since you will need to lift the bag off the ground, having carry straps would be a blessing. Aztec Cricket kit bag’s carry straps are of suitable size and quality so your bag carrying experience is not going to be painful at all.It also have integrated wheelie system.

Compartments and pockets

All cricket bags come with internal and external compartments that are designed to organize your cricket equipment.It is encapsulated cricket kit. After all, a player needs compartments to place his belongings. This cricket kit bag has valuable pockets, a wet/dry section, quick access pocket, helmet compartment, and shoe compartment.


The base of the cricket kit bag needs to waterproof. Whenever you are buying a cricket bag, you have to be extra careful when it comes to the base. It should be stiff and durable. Aztec Cricket kit bag has a durable base so you don’t have to worry about base sagging. It can take the daily wear and tear.


Aztec Cricket kit bag is made from the highest quality Cordura Fabric. This material makes the bag durable and waterproof. If you are looking for high level of durability, you can count on Aztec Cricket kit bag.

Medium sized

Cricket kit bags need to be compact in size. A good thing is the Aztec Cricket kit bag is a medium-sized bag. Because of this quality, it is extremely light in weight and easy to carry. Plus, since it has lots of compartments, it can easily fit all the necessary cricket equipment.


Whenever it comes to selecting a cricket bag, buyers just think of how much kit they are going to carry with them and then pick the bag. When you are buying a cricket bag, you are actually purchasing a carrying space. Remember one thing, you will find lots of cricket bags all designed for different purposes. The duffle style bags are meant for coaches as they have to carry training equipment with them. Small cricket bags are meant for carrying nets. Aztec Cricket kit bag, on the other hand, has been designed to let you carry all your essential cricket accessories with ease.


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