Aztec Boxing Gloves Training Synthetic Leather Red + Free Delivery + AU Stock




Aztec Boxing Gloves Training Synthetic Leather Red

Fan of the famous boxers? Struggling to ace those boxing moves but too tired of using the wrong gloves? Aztec brings you the right synthetic boxing gloves that are affordable and that provide the desired utility. Boxing is a two person sport. The two participants play against each other wearing gloves. In this combat sport, each player uses the technique of punching each other for a determined set of time. Boxing is played in a boxing ring, of course. Although this sport is a bit hard but when played within the protective boundaries and with protective equipment, it gets easier.

Without the right gloves, playing the sport is useless. If you haven’t got sturdy and quality gloves then boxing could be a little tough. You’ll find plenty of protective boxing gloves but getting the one that really fits can only be done with proper survey and vigilance.

Training gloves come in tons of different materials. Special gloves are available for training for boxing fitness, punching bag and sparring. Using the right ones can not only help you train properly but it can also save you from injuries. Here your survey time has been cut short as you’ll get to know about the Aztec synthetic training boxing gloves.


Boxing gloves manufactured with synthetic leather are best for the training classes. Aztec synthetic leather training boxing gloves can ease your training. Here is what they have got in store for you:

Synthetic leather material

Obviously, there are 100% pure leather boxing gloves available too but if you are training then it is best to go for the synthetic leather boxing gloves. The outer skin is made of quality and durable synthetic leather that lives longer than other synthetic leathers.

Improved protection

Every Aztec boxing glove for training boxers comes with proper protection for the hands and not to forget the wrists. The gloves have more protection towards the top hand and knuckle part. This is mandatory as the front of the gloves is the part that plays the major role in boxing.


Another noteworthy thing about these gloves is that they are fully padded. They are not extraordinary padded neither are they less padded. Every part is fully packed and properly foamed to ensure fine punching and firm grip. Protective moulded foam technology is housed inside the gloves for safety.

Thumb lock

Aztec boxing gloves have a thumb lock feature to prevent your sensitive hands from minor and major injury. This quality makes it a perfect fit for not just boxers but those who do punching bag exercise every day.


A tight grip is all you need to make sure the gloves do not slip out of your hand. The design of the training boxing gloves includes a rigid strap that encloses the wrist and the hand within the glove.


Getting yourselves the Aztec synthetic leather boxing gloves especially if you are training will be a worthy investment. A full mesh palm that is breathable, strong grip strap, fine synthetic leather and anti-microbial treatment are the features everyone wants in their pair of boxing gloves.

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