Aztec TWINS SPECIAL model Shin Guards + Free Delivery + AU Stock


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Aztec TWINS SPECIAL model Shin Guards

A shin guard or shin cushion is a bit of gear worn on the front of a player’s shin to shield them from damage. These are ordinarily utilized as a part of sports including affiliation football, baseball, ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, cricket, and different games. This is expected to either being required by the guidelines/laws of the game or worn intentionally by the members for defensive measures.

Cricket was the primary game to embrace the utilization of shin protectors. The presentation of this hardware was not propelled by the requirement for security, but instead a key gadget to pick up leverage for the batsman. The batsman who wore the leg cushions could cover the stumps with his shielded legs and keep the ball from hitting the stumps, rather the ball rocked the bowling alley into the batsman. In this way, the assurance gave by the leg cushions gave the batsman certainty to play without misery agony or damage. This brought about a hostile preferred standpoint; rather than hitting the wickets to get the batsman out, the bowler hits the batsman allowing him to hit the ball.

Distinctive player positions in affiliation football require their shin protectors to give diverse sorts of assurance and fit. Safeguards require the most security. They require a heavier shin protector with additional lower leg assurance. Midfielders require security, yet in addition should have the capacity to move unreservedly. Advances require a light shin protector with assurance and lower leg bolster. Goalkeepers can wear a light shin protector with negligible assurance.


Aztec Twins Special Shin Guards are intended to secure and upgrade your lower legs and kicks. The thin outline includes a full in-step. They are light weight and awesome for use in rivalries or in ordinary preparing. They are created to withstand the discipline that world-class contenders will put them through.

These Twins Special shin protectors are produced using amazing suntehtic cowhide. They have two Velcro tie terminations behind the shin, for a protected and agreeable fit. Likewise, the Velcro terminations take into consideration simple on and off, and alteration while preparing. A flexible lash under the bottom of the foot keeps the foot defender set up. These shin cushions guarantee full in-step wellbeing and lower leg insurance.

Twins Special hardware has elevated expectations for sewing, usefulness, and visual outline. These Shin Protectors are produced using amazing syntehtic cowhide and fine, high thickness froth cushioning. They are accessible in Black. They come in a few sizes. Kindly observe estimations gave by Twins Special to measuring proposals:

Substantial, Medium, Small

Top quality with Competitive cost.


Aztec Shin guard made of engineered cowhide with twofold Velcro lashes for an impeccable fit and premium insurance. Made in Pakistan.

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Large, Medium, small


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