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Aztec Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps

Just like a cricket ball and bat, Cricket Stumps are an integral part of the game too. These stumps are 3 vertical shaped posts that support two bails. The cricket stumps are made from high-quality wood mostly ash and they form a wicket. The cricket stumps are placed at each end of the pitch.

The width of each wicket should be 9 inches. A stump, on the other hand, should be 28 inches tall and have a diameter of 11/2 inches. The stumps have a spike at the end so that they could be inserted into the ground. The other end of the stump is U-shaped for providing a resting place for bails. Indoor cricket stumps can slightly differ from outdoor cricket stumps.

Aztec brings you Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps. As the name suggests, they have a spring stand that has a heavy iron cast base for sturdy placement. If you always wanted such stumps that don’t move even if the cricket ball is struck, then these Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps are meant for.


Aztec Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps have a spring mechanism which means you don’t have to put the stumps back into the ground again and again when they are hit by the cricket ball. Let’s have a thorough look at the features of these Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps:


Aztec Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps have a sturdy cast iron base and they are made from extra strong wood to withstand all the jolts as the ball hits the wicket again and again. The wood used for their construction is Becane wood. Since these stumps are durable, they will make you a fielding genius.

Automatic replacement

The whole momentum of the game can break if you have to place the stumps back on the ground again and again. Aztec Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps are free from this trouble. Their automatic replacement feature has eliminated the inconvenience of setting up the fallen stumps. As they are spring loaded, they come back on their own. This ability makes them perfect for training.

Sturdy cast iron base

Instead of a typical metal base, Aztec Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps are provided with cast iron base. All three stumps are fixed on the iron stand. Quality spring is used to attach the stumps so that they retain the vertical position after being hit by the ball.

Bails included

Aztec Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps set also comes with bails. They are resting on top of the stumps. They are used for ensuring whether the ball really bumped into the cricket stumps or not.


Aztec Spring Loaded Cricket Stumps make great Indoor cricket stumps and they are perfect for training. As the stumps return to their respective place, your life will become easier. If you are target practising, you will find them extremely useful. The sturdy cast iron base and high-quality wood make them a perfect training tool. You will enjoy every bit of your training with these Indoor cricket stumps as your focus would be on the game, not fixing the stumps.


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