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AZTEC Boxing Pads MMA Thai Target Focus Punching Mitts

Focus pads are gaining popularity due to their lesser price and suitable and convenient usage. They make workout exciting and competitive. You can use them whole working out with a friend or during training. The purpose is that your trainer or friend will hold the pad and you can punch the centre of the pad. In this way, you and your friend can learn different both offensive and defensive skills. It also helps in sharpening reflexes and condition body according to circumstances.A focus pad also helps in developing hitting skills as well as advance those skills really fast. It also provides less impact option as compared to a punching bag. It is better to train with focus pads first before advancing to a punching bag as it helps the muscles to familiarize and become tough. This training with focus pads will help you to work your way up to a punching bag or heavy bag training which is harder on the body.You can use boxing gloves or wrist wraps while using a focus pad for lighter touch. It is better to use either of these as it will provide necessary support to the wrists while the body is still creating an impact as it builds the required skills.

Aztec Focus Pads

Aztec Sports Focus pads are made of high quality leather. It has high dense layering to provide maximum shock absorption. It also has air vent on palms to reduce sweat. It is suitable for both junior and adults. It is suitable for boxing, training and sparring. It comes longer wrist straps to provide ample support and protection to the wrists while training.  It also has a curved face for control and safety, but the leather is much more fitted to the person holding it and provides longer wear and tear. Ideal for those who intend on using this on a regular basis.

The Aztec Sports Focus Pad features the latest gel material that helps protect your hand during training.

State of the art Gel material dissipates impact energy and protects hands during training
Anti-microbial mesh ensures breath ability & comfort, while reducing moisture absorption
Mantis shape and padded wrist support combine to provide superior hand safety and comfort.


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