Aztec Junior Cricket Helmet Good Protection Adjustable -Australian Stock-Free Delivery


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Aztec Junior Cricket Helmet Good Protection Adjustable-Australian Stock-Free Delivery

Cricket is a thrilling game and a great entertainment for the players and spectators. However, it is compulsory for the cricketers to take safety measures against any hits and misfortunes during the game. A quality cricket helmet is mandatory to meet the standardise protection for players. Helmets protect players from the risk of head injury as cricket ball travel with the speed of above 90 miles per hour. It is mandatory for all the junior players to wear helmets while batting, fielding and stumping for batsmen, fielders, and wicket keepers. Aztec sports introduce quality junior cricket helmets that are equally adored by novice and professional junior players.


Adjustable for all ages Junior


The Aztec junior helmet has unique features, flawless designing and comfy fitting. The most highlighted feature of this helmet is its immaculate strength that has attracted the attention of players. The impeccable design of this Aztec product gives you perfect combination of style and elegance. It also features a flexible face protector that can be moved in accordance with the ease and suitability of the player. It heightens the protection and easiness of the helmet overall as it safeguards its user by following the safety standards.


Padding gives the players two key benefits. Firstly, padding helps the users to prevent the helmet moving in response to the mid-stroke while providing comfortable tight fitting. Secondly, it lessens the impact of the ball impact and works as the third level of shock absorption.


The shell of Aztec junior helmet is specifically designed to offer the supreme safety that works beyond your expectations. It is comprised of a variety of materials that absorb the head shocks of the users and ensures the best possible protection they need. The outer layer of the shell works as a primary protection and secondary internal materials absorb the force spread by the external shell.

Chin Strap

The chin strap functions with the padding in the helmet provide a perfect fitting. It works as a shock absorber against an impact, mostly where the helmet tries to carry out the head along with guarding the chin against the helmet grill in high-speed impacts as it is designed to distort a little for shock absorption.


You will enjoy next level safety with the steel safety grill. Transparent polycarbonates and composite materials are used to reduce the weight of the grill, better ventilation, and improved visibility.


The hard material is used in the construction of the Aztec junior helmet to obtain maximum performance and long life. The distinctive aspect of its designing is that Aztec helmet is light weight and users feel comfortable while playing the game. This light weight helmet does not exhaust the neck of the user and let them play the game smoothly. With distinctive features and constructions, Aztec junior helmets are providing next level protection to all users.

The main and most important feature of the Aztec junior helmet is its impact-resistant protection. The impact resistant trait of the junior helmet shields the head from leather cricket ball hits. The chin strap is made of nylon material that is tucked with the user’s helmet. It has fast release buckle with easy on/off feature. The Aztec sport junior helmet measures 55-56 cm which is pretty good for junior players.


If you are looking for a sturdy and durable helmet to buy for your kid then a junior cricket helmet is the right option for you. Safety grill, comfortable to wear, adjustable strap and convenient padding makes Aztec junior helmet perfect.

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