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Aztec Indoor Cricket Balls Yellow Leather Grade A Hand Stitch

Cricket is one of those games of the world that will always keep you on the edge of your seat. It is one of the world’s famously known sports played by almost all the countries of the world. Here you will be surprised to know that the United States is one of those countries that are not a participant of this sport. But you will love cricket anyway. A stadium is not always available for everyone to play but, indoor cricket is one of the vastly played sports after football and other indoor sports. Indoor cricket shares similar concepts and formulas as outdoor cricket. It is usually played with two teams having six or eight players, unlike outdoor cricket. Just like outdoor cricket sport, indoor cricket requires equipment such as a bat and a ball. Safety equipment and some cricket accessories are required too. Indoor cricket has got its own special indoor equipment. The most important thing that comes after the safety of the player is the ball that is to be used to play the game. You will need an indoor cricket ball to play indoor cricket. These balls come in variety of weight, size and texture. You can get them both in customised and industrial standards.


The indoor balls are especially designed by professionals. Under expert guidance, a fine quality material is used to build up a ball that can serve well in an indoor environment. They are identified by their superlative features. Indoor cricket balls are available in the market at affordable prices. They have a nice furnishing which makes them look attractive too. Here are some of the features Aztec indoor cricket ball has got:

Perfect shape

Aztec indoor cricket ball has a perfect shape. It is made in a particular manner, keeping in mind the usage of the ball in the cricket field. If a ball is not in perfect shape then there are chances it might not perform well in the field. You might drop catches and the ball might not swing the way it is supposed to.

Perpetual shape retention

The shape of any cricket ball matters a whole lot more than you think it does. You must have experienced servicing cricket balls that don’t swing well or don’t perform well with the wind. This is because they lack perpetual shape retention.

Water resistant

Aztec indoor cricket ball is water resistant as there can be water indoors as well. You can face some glitches if the ball is not water resistant as then you will have to wait for it to dry out.


Aztec indoor cricket ball has a sharp yellow colour to make it easier for both bowlers and batsmen to recognise what the ball is doing when it is in the air.


As standard and customised options for indoor cricket balls are available thus their price varies respectively. The one that suits your indoor environment and requirement is the one you need to get and Aztec indoor cricket ball would make a perfect choice.


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