AZTEC Head Guard Boxing MMA Training Gear Protective Equipment


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AZTEC Head Guard Boxing MMA Training Gear Protective Equipment

This head guard is great decision to ensure your head and face in boxing. The thick cushioning gives comfort when you’re wearing this headgear, and the completely customizable rope give you agreeable secure fit, it is an incredible defensive apparatus for boxing preparing. MMA is a Combat game in which two opponents fight with each wearing protective equipment’s in the ring. PU MMA Head Gear is available in Leather as well as in Artificial Leather with customize logo and design facility for Costumers. Aztec Sports manufactures the high quality  PU MMA Head Gear which is reliable, light weighted, everlasting


  • Thick padding to increase comfort and reduce impact.
  • High quality PU leather construction ensures durability and excellent performance.
  • Tight secure fastener tape closure for easy wearing and quick release.
  • User friendly design ensures optimal safety and visibility.
  • Adjust rope to fit your head comfortably.
  • Thick pad on the afterbrain for better protection, it is also removable.
  • Holes on the ears to ensure good breathability and listening.
  • Good protection head gear for boxing training.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps and double straps closure at back.
  • Suitable for boxing hall, gym, boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai, MMA etc.
  • Head into bigger and better challenges with the Aztec MMA headguard.
  • The ultimate headguard made with artificial leather improves your head movements and your visibility from your opponent.
  • The high quality design provides a complete protection range from all angles, it ensures the most sensitive zones: temples, chin and cheek

Open Face Headgear

For starters an Open Face headgear is the kind that you usually see in amateur competition. The protection is focused on the forehead, temples, ears, sides, and back of the head. The face itself is left wide open which some might think is completely pointless considering how I mentioned a headgear is to prevent cuts and bruises. In a competition though that idea is sort of thrown out the window because it’s just that, a competition, the protection is focused on more important areas like the back of the head to protect a fighter from fouls. An example of this style would be the Aztec Headgear without cheeks.


There are three places that can be balanced on a headgear – Chin (clasp or Velcro tie conclusion) back of the head and best of the head. Contingent upon the style of the headgear, certain regions can’t be balanced. The movable territories that will give you the best fit are the button and back of the head.


Aztec Sports offer these Boxing MMA Head Guards made of fine high quality PU Leather. We use special sweat absorbing soft Non-Slip inner liner material. These wick moisture and hold the headgear in right place while scuffling and delivering peak performance due to its construction from soft and multi-layered foam padding. An open face rear look makes its usage comfortable and convenient. These are further supplemented with adjustable hook-and-loop straps and double straps closure at back


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