Aztec Cricket Storm Batting Glove Men Sheep Leather/PVC Black-Australian Stock


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Aztec Cricket Storm Batting Glove Men Sheep Leather/PVC Black-Australian Stock

Batting gloves are considered to be an essential part of cricket clothing and equipment. A controlled and tight grip is necessary for successful hits. Indeed, even the smallest slip or variety in grip can cost the team significantly. So, gloves help cricketers to improve grip when batting or wicket keeping.  Batting gloves today are even worn by defenders since they say that they feel better in their glove. On a chilly day, an awful or free swing can crack fingers so wearing gloves can protect you from getting injured. .Regardless of what standard of cricket you play, the hands are likely the part of body most susceptible to serious damage and cricket gloves insure you to avoid damage. Every cricketer wants a pair of gloves that provides unbeatable comfort, warmth, improved grip and prevent wounds to perform their best in match. Aztec combines breathable designs with unbeatable levels comfort, ensuring you always perform your best.


Aztec storm batting gloves storm are 13 x 12 x 25 cm in dimension. The gloves are quite light in weight only 0.25 kg and are very easy to wear. Aztec storm cricket batting gloves feature high quality gloves with high quality padding for enhanced protection, flexibility and comfort. It comes with 2’ Velcro cotton wrist with inside lining of cotton and  mesh gusset for air ventilation.


Aztec storm batting gloves are made of high quality material. If you are looking for high level of durability, you can count on Aztec cricket gloves. Top quality padding and airflow gusset made these gloves durable and ensure you comfort and best performance.


Whenever you are buying cricket gloves, you have to be extra careful when it comes to the base. It should be stiff and durable. Aztec batting gloves has a durable base so you can rely on these gloves. Its high density foam section provides enhanced protection, flexibility and comfort. It also have airflow gusset for increased ventilation so your hands can breath and dual sided sweatbands provides you increased moisture.

Adult sized

Aztec batting gloves are adult-sized gloves. It is extremely light in weight and easy to wear and provides all the qualities that a cricketer needs. It comes both for left and right hand. It promises to deliver excellent grip, comfort and moisture.


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