Aztec Cricket Helmet Storm Good Protection-Australian Stock-Free Delivery


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Aztec Cricket Helmet Storm Good Protection-Australian Stock-Free Delivery

In spite of cricket helmets were initially utilized within the 1930s, they weren’t generally embraced until those late 1970s. From that point forward the utilization for cricket helmets need been universally embraced whatsoever levels of the sport. In the UK, since 2000, it need been necessary to the greater part lesser players under 18 should wear cricket helmets At batting, fielding inside 15 yards of the bat and whilst standing dependent upon those stumps Similarly as a wicket manager. For cricket balls voyaging done abundance about 90 miles a hour at the top banana conclusion of the game, the danger for mind harm will be basically excessively secondary and An appropriately fitted cricket cap is Right away an fundamental bit from claiming cricketing supplies.


  • Ultra lightweight Mild Steel face guard
  • Poly propylene hard shell
  • Polymer lining
  • Best Quality with Adjustable System
  • For Professional and Club cricket


It is available in Green and Navy Blue.


Sizes available  boy,youth and adult.


The padding inside Aztec cricket helmet performs two key parts. Right off the bat it fills in as third layer of stun assimilation, additionally limiting the effect of a cricket ball affect. Furthermore the padding guarantees a tight yet agreeable fit, keeping the head protector moving around an excess of mid-stroke or in light of an effect. A safe, well fitting cricket helmet is a pivotal factor in its execution.

Chin Strap

The chin strap is a key component in guaranteeing that Aztec cricket helmet stays safely set up and all the more critically that any effects to the grill, don’t just push the grill into your face. The chin strap works in conjunction with the cushioning in the cricket head protector to guarantee a perfect fit. A chin guard watch permits the chin strap to be easily secured against the jaw, keeping the strap taught. The chin guard additionally goes about as a safeguard in case of an effect, especially where the cricket helmet tries to pull off the head and in addition shielding the jaw from the grill in rapid impacts where the grill is intended to disfigure marginally to assimilate the shock


The shell of Aztec cricket helmet is expected to offer most extraordinary effect protection and stun ingestion to the overwhelming piece of a batsman’s head. The shell itself is all things considered made out of different assorted materials joined to ensure that the batsman gets the protection required. The outer layer goes about as a fundamental shield spreading the energy of the impact over a more noticeable surface zone to constrain the effects. Helper inner materials are then proposed to acclimatize the power spread by the outside shell


The Aztec Sports Cricket Helmet (Storm) a new ergonomic design with extreme comfort and accurate fit. The lightweight poly propylene protection is extremely strong and durable while providing great comfort with the polymer lining.

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Blue, Green


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