Aztec Cricket Helmet Senior –Proficient Adjustable Size + Free Delivery + AU Stock


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Aztec Cricket Helmet –Proficient Adjustable Size

In spite of the fact that cricket protective caps were first utilized as a part of the 1930s, they weren’t broadly received until the late 1970s. From that point forward the utilization of cricket protective caps has been all around embraced at all levels of the game. In the UK, since 2000, it has been mandatory for every single junior player under 18 to wear cricket head protectors when batting, handling inside 15 yards of the bat and while confronting the stumps as a wicket guardian. With cricket balls going more than 90 miles a hour at the best end of the amusement, the danger of head damage is basically too high and an appropriately fitted cricket protective cap is presently a fundamental bit of cricketing equipment


  • Titanium faceguard
  • Interchangeable foam linings for a custom fit
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Excellent Protection from impacts and shocks
  • With size adjustment pads for better and secure fitting
  • Air ventilation system for extra comfor


It is available in Green and Navy Blue.


Size is adajustable for adults


Titanium has the most elevated rigidity to weight proportion of any metal and can offer the quality of steel while being 45% lighter. It is these attributes which make it the perfect swap for steel when endeavoring to lessen the heaviness of a cricket head protector’s defensive barbecue. The weight lessening offered by a titanium flame broil can make a cricket protective cap extensively more open to, putting less weight on the neck, especially amid times of expanded wear.

Chin Strap

The chin strap is a key component in guaranteeing that Aztec cricket helmet stays safely set up and all the more critically that any effects to the grill, don’t just push the grill into your face. The chin strap works in conjunction with the cushioning in the cricket head protector to guarantee a perfect fit. A chin guard watch permits the chin strap to be easily secured against the jaw, keeping the strap taught. The chin guard additionally goes about as a safeguard in case of an effect, especially where the cricket helmet tries to pull off the head and in addition shielding the jaw from the grill in rapid impacts where the grill is intended to disfigure marginally to assimilate the shock


The shell of Aztec cricket helmet is intended to offer most extreme impact protection and shock ingestion to the dominant part of a batsman’s head. The shell itself is by and large made out of various diverse materials joined to guarantee that the batsman gets the insurance required. The external layer goes about as an underlying shield spreading the power of the effect over a more prominent surface zone to limit the impacts. Auxiliary internal materials are then intended to assimilate the power spread by the external shell


The Aztec Sports provides enhanced protection and comfort levels with its sturdy lightweight design. Featuring the revolutionary Eye-Line Grille, the new reinforced Halo Reinforcement System in the rim and strategically placed air flow vents, the Vision Series Elite provides superior vision, cooling and protection

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Blue, Green


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